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Visas, Insurance

   A visa is required for anyone who crosses the border of another country.You must follow the rule of first entry - you can just cross the border of the country in which the embassy was received Schengen visa. Receive a Schengen visa, you can freely visit any Schengen country. SCHENGEN visa opens S05 for 90 days.Documents prepared to 5-7 working days after submission of data (scan of passport and residence permit).

If you plan to frequently travel abroad (visa for frequent travelers) and want to sometimes happen in other countries of the Schengen treaty, you'd better open a Schengen business visa in Poland) .The minimum period for which it can open a 30/90, maximum 90/360 - it solves the Consul.For example, you got a visa 30/90 - which means that 30 days you can stay in the European Union within 90 days of the corridor.The business visa is preparing a contract and an invitation to a year, and if you opened a minimum, then you can apply for a visa again (when traveled their days) for a given contract and inviting.

Work Visa to Poland opens D05/D08 for 180 days from the semi corridor.Documents prepared to 5-7 working days after submission of data (scan of passport and residence permit). Work visas are used for long-term stay abroad.There are national working visa (180/360 and 360/360) and working Schengen Visa (90/90).Having a work visa preferably not do more than 5-6 visits, because the guards may have questions about misuse of visas.who enter the Schengen area under visa A (transit visa for air travel) or C (short stay up to 90 days) must have a valid health insurance for travel (PHC) for the whole period and for the duration visa.Such a policy should cover any costs that may arise in connection with the return home for medical reasons, urgent medical care and / or emergency medical treatment in hospital or death, during their stay in the Schengen area.Compossing visa to travel abroad, particular attention should be paid to insurance, which is mandatory in the EU.Properly designed policy in reliable insurer will provide you with real protection for the duration of their stay abroad.

Requirements Consulate of insurance:

• Insurance is available only in printed form

• Period of insurance - the period of stay + 15 days

• The sum insured - at least EUR 30 000

             • Always - date of birth, address, name of the insured person.

• The policy is valid only when it is paid and if payment document (receipt).