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transportation rules

Carriage Rules issued for bus trips Carrier - partner " international bus cash ." By law , the zakuplenni ticket between the passenger and the carrier there contract of carriage . By purchasing a ticket , the passenger is in line with the terms of the rules of traffic.

The carrier shall ensure that passengers travel with a valid ticket from the initial to the final station , according to the established schedule , rates and contract terms.

Refund for unused travel.

1. No refunds for unused return travel exclusively by which the ticket was purchased .

2. The reason for the return is a form ( ticket) with all the humps and cover.

3. No refunds for unused return travel will not be returned .

4. A passenger who has not appeared or been late , has the right to return refund.

5. Upon cancellation of the trip the passenger is entitled to a refund of the ticket price less the cash collection.


• Passengers should be 30 minutes before bus departure .

• A passenger who has not appeared or been late , is not entitled to a refund of the ticket price.

• Passenger must present ticket for passport control at the same time , in the case discount on the original and copies of documents on the basis of which made ​​off.

• Passenger must have a valid passport, be informed with customs regulations. Where the customs or other government agencies continue to allow passengers to ride , he is not entitled to a refund of the ticket price or its partial value.

• Passenger recommended to specify the time and place of departure.

• Passenger suggest before you go to insure.

• Children under 12 may not sit in the seat next to the driver , that is, numbers 1 , 2, 3 and 4.
Children and young people under 16 years old can travel only when accompanied by adult .


1. A ticket is a registered document and can not be transferred to another person.

2. When you receive a ticket passenger must immediately check pravelnist indicated on the data and the fit for the ticket tax paid amount. Claims shall be filed not later than satisfied.

3. If the passenger does not appear on the A bus specified on the ticket of departure and time specified on the ticket , the agreement for the provision of transportation services shall be deemed terminated at the initiative of the passenger and the carrier reserves the right to sell it second place in the bus.

4. Amendment prohibited the ticket because if you change the information should be issued another ticket , which is a paid service - the equivalent of 10% of the ticket price .

5. Lost , stolen or counterfeit ticket pulls no compensation, restitution or alterations .

6. Passengers who purchased tickets outward / return trip with a fixed date must confirm their departure at least 72 hours before departure. In the case of non- prescribed rules , the company reserves the right to sell this place without monetary compensation passenger. Purchase a ticket back / forward with an open date does not entitle passengers to return to any day . Passenger may cancel your account only for that flight on which space is available .

7. Action ticket 6 months ago firm entitles you if the ticket Y / N " fixed " option to change the return date one time for free, 2 - extra charge equivalent to 10% of the cost of a return ticket , if the ticket Y / N "open" , is given the manager sometimes when closing tickets for changing the date to pay. Changes are possible only if there are seats available and if so notified not less than 24 hours before departure.

8. Carrier is not liable for the actions of border, customs , tax and other administrative bodies that make claims to the passengers. The passenger himself is responsible for the proper execution of their documents and content of luggage. When removing a passenger from the route fare is non-refundable .

9. Carrier is not liable to the passenger for the correct execution and availability of documents entitling to cross the borders of the route. Carrier is not liable for the violation of customs or immigration passenger rules.

10. If any passenger visa ( expiring visa, passport substitute another item , etc. ) the carrier reserves the right not to transport passengers. Funds for the unused ticket will not be returned .

11. If the passenger fails to comply with customs and border regulations and will be detained at the border and it will delay the flight crew bus has the right to depart from the border without a passenger under the bus schedule and fare without compensation .

TERMS baggage.

1. Each passenger must sign your luggage , which is located in the luggage compartment .

2. In the interior are allowed one carry-on baggage , no larger than 20h20h40 and weighs 5 kg. What should be located under your seat or on top of the baggage shelf . Location of things underfoot or in the aisle prohibited.

3. In the luggage compartment on the passenger's luggage is permissible , given by the manager, depending on the carrier's rules can vary the size and weight of baggage , as well as an additional surcharge for extra baggage .

4. The carrier is responsible for destroyed or damaged luggage in the luggage compartment only if it was the fault of the carrier, as evidenced by a passenger , if the application no later than 10 days after the bus departure .

5. While customs and for transplant by returning their luggage to the luggage compartment meets the passenger.

6. The carrier is not responsible for carry-on luggage .

7. Luggage that can be dangerous to other passengers and damage to other luggage, not be carried .

8. Passengers are solely responsible for the legality of its own baggage. When complications border firm carrier has the right to refuse to perform duties on baggage allowance and continue the flight without the specified baggage.

9. Passenger who at the peak (June -August , during the Christmas holidays from 15.11-06.01 and two weeks before Easter ) is an excessive amount of baggage that can not be put to the bus , refusing to leave, lose the right to return refund. We recommend to ship luggage ahead of time when buses are less loaded

10. Consume luggage, please check the label , that contains information about its owner.

11. For items lost or left the bus company is not responsible.

Behavior in the bus.

1. We strongly encourage you to use the equipment bus carefully , to avoid its damage . Otherwise, the passenger shall be liable for damage to the vehicle .

2. Javascript must be in individual packages and allow bin for garbage at the premises .

3. Drinking alcohol and smoking in the cabin or toilet strictly prohibited.

4. For your safety urge you not to walk through the cabin and stand in the aisles while the bus .

5. Use hot water only with the permission of the driver during a stop , to prevent accidents. Firms given by the manager will offer you free tea and coffee.

6. During the trip, we suggest you watching movies and listening to music . Please refer to the mutual understanding of the diversity of views and preferences.

7. When parking the bus before leaving the place , make sure your seat back is upright, indoor table and removed the footrest .

8. It is strictly forbidden to distract the driver while driving.

9. Passengers who violated rules of conduct on the bus, landed without compensation fare !


• The Company is not responsible for the deviation from the schedule of submitting the vehicle caused by force majeure (including, but not limited to: weather conditions, delays in passing the borders repair work on roads , armed attacks , acts of state organs , etc. etc., as well as most of the passengers that affect the performance of duties ) or otherwise ( bus breakdown on the way to the place of departure (arrival )) that the Company , despite the measures taken, was unable to anticipate and prevent.

When disrupting flight carrier, the passenger has the right to an option from the following :

• nA fare carrier's next flight to your destination.

• a refund of the ticket price for the road that is not traveled .

• for the sake of mutual carrier will carry the passenger to the destination station next flight at their own expense .

The carrier has the right to change the schedule , the use of additional buses ta replacement seating . In case of failure by the carrier support services (supply of warm drinks , films ) , the passenger is not entitled to compensation.

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